February 20, 2009

7 Benefits Of Twittering

This morning I was wondering what to post about on my blog today and decided to ask for suggestions on Twitter. So please either thank, or blame, Sandra of Craft and Create for this blog post!

So here are seven benefits of twittering:

1. Research:

Well, this blog post is, of course, a typical example, Twitter can be used to elicit ideas and suggestions. You can use Twitter to survey your target audience; or even to get answers to specific questions that will help you to create content.

2. Search Engine Optimisation:

Many people will tell you that twitter has no search engine optimisation benefit whatsoever. However, when looking in my stats I couldn't help but notice the number of incoming links that are attributable either directly or indirectly to Twitter. For example, a recent blog post was re-tweeted and a couple of other bloggers, reading those re-tweets, posted links and track backs to the blog.

3. Feedback:

It's no surprise that such a vibrant community is inhabited by a large number of friendly and helpful people. Many of those people have provided me with product reviews and testimonials. Yet others have pointed out the inevitable typos and the occasional broken link or other issue with a blog or website. This feedback is virtually instant and allows you to take immediate remedial action. The fact that you react in real-time can add greatly to your reputation for being responsive within your chosen niche market.

4. Promotion:

You're presence on Twitter will, of course, result in an increase in traffic to your blog and, coincidentally, offers your readers an alternative notification channel. I have found from my own experience that more people are reading my blog following a post on twitter rather than using their feed reader. Posting links to your latest blog post in Twitter also means that your blog is exposed to a much wider audience.

5. Branding:

Participating in twitter, as long as you "tweet" wisely, will certainly enhance your credibility as an expert in your chosen field. Responding to questions on offering helpful information will also position you as an expert. A secondary benefit is gained when you are seen to be associated with other well-known figures in the community. You will almost certainly increase your name recognition through being seen regularly and consistently in the Twitter-stream.

6. News:

One of the more obvious benefits of twittering is being able to keep up to date with relevant events as and when they occur. The twitter stream has become renowned for disseminating new information incredibly quickly. Of course, this also means that you have the ability to quickly spread your own news to a wide audience. My twitter tool of choice is TweetDeck which allows me to add a search panel which displays tweets containing specific keywords and this offers excellent means of keeping up-to-date with the latest news and trends.

7. Networking:

Twitter is a superb networking platform and offers a great way of getting to know, and build relationships with, new people. Twitter has allowed me to connect with lots of new people including specialist suppliers, affiliates, JV partners and customers. I've also made lots of new friends!

I look forward to Tweeting you on Twitter

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February 20, 2009

Colin Campbell @ 8:34 pm

And you cannot wash the dishes, vacuum or other tedious housework tasks while twittering.

Colin Campbell’s last blog post..Photo Hunt: Warm

February 21, 2009

Shannon Herod @ 4:20 am

Hey John,

Great article on Twitter. You missed one benefit though… Browbeating ;-)

also, what exit script are you using. I like it!


Shannon Herod’s last blog post..1000 New Followers Bet

John @ 4:33 am

@Colin Unfortunately I don't have anyone to do all that stuff so my Twittering gets interrupted. ;-)

@Shannon, Browbeating? Me? ;-)

I'm currently beta testing the exit script for someone else, I'll let you know when it's released.


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