December 31, 2008

Get With The Process

Sometimes we should just go back to the basics. It's easy to allow our businesses to evolve over time in a piecemeal sort of way rather than as part of a predetermined strategy. Some time ago I created a flow chart showing one of my favourite online business models. It still works, I still use it in a number of niche markets and you are welcome to copy or adapt it to suit your own specific needs.

As the New Year begins tomorrow, I hope that the above flowchart helps you to build a successful and profitable online business.

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December 31, 2008

Alex Sysoef @ 9:39 am

Thanks for sharing, it is a great flow chart that is very similar to what I use and I can only say - it works. In fact I can recommend it to anyone looking to orginize their 2009.

MikeRogers @ 11:44 am

Thanks for this reminder, John. It is all too easy to get caught up in over-developing your system and deviating from what actually works.

I guess we just need guys like you to snatch us back into reality from time to time.


Tom Dean @ 12:13 pm

Thanks for the chart John.

It's a good reminder. Sometimes in our frenzy to get a new site online we leave money on the table. Your chart pointed out a few things my most recent site is missing.

Happy New Years

January 3, 2009

Doug Hudiburg @ 2:00 pm

Great flowchart John. I find it super powerful to use flow charts, or what I call "system maps" when planning, building, and optimizing sales systems.

I honestly feel that I would be out of business if I didn't start mapping and monitoring all of my systems.

JointWinWin @ 9:19 pm

Cracking flowchart John.

Good to be reminded of KISS at the start of the year. A straightforward model indeed, that said, I'd be interested in hearing about any other esoteric ones you may have ;-)

All the best,

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