February 8, 2009

List Building: Autoresponder Or Ezine?

It's weird how cyclical the Internet Marketing business really is. Over the past few weeks I've seen an increasing interest in list building. From my perspective, it's something that is an integral part of what I do. I have over 50 niche based lists.

One thing that's worth remembering is that there's a big difference between setting up an autoresponder, uploading a sequence of follow up messages and adding an opt-in form to your sales letter; and publishing an ezine!

Lot's of my lists are nothing more than a series of messages that are automatically delivered, in sequence, to people who've visited one of my sales pages and who haven't made a purchase. Those messages offer a powerful and effective way of increasing my sales conversion rate.

I also run a small number of ezines, or newsletters, and my approach to my ezine lists is completely different.

If you're interested in learning how to make much more money than the average internet marketer by publishing your own ezine then I strongly suggest that you check out my latest product: List Building Master Class - Volume One Hint: it's not your usual list building guide.. it's based on my own personal experience!

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