November 14, 2008

One Night Stand Or Long Term Relationship?

Is your business based on a series of one off events or on regular and sustainable income?

I notice a lot of people these days use the big product launch strategy with lots of hype, hundreds of JV partners and all the fanfare that goes with it. After their big launch they disappear for several months until the next big launch when history repeats itself. While I respect and admire many of these people, I do wonder how they manage their cash flow between these big events and if it will be possible for them to continue launching high ticket items over and over again into their retirement.

Surely it is better to have business which generates a steadily growing income?

When I ran my change management consultancy, I had two types of client. There were the clients with whom we ran long-term projects and there were clients who require a single intervention. One of the problems that we experienced with the single intervention was that we touched people lightly, that is we were not required to follow up after the event to make sure that the change was sustainable. There was no relationship building. I used to call projects like this " one night stands".

Whereas working with clients over a longer period of time allowed us to build relationships, to provide ongoing support and to enjoy the satisfaction of seeing other people and the organisation grow and develop.

I have a similar philosophy running my online business. While it is nice to make a profit, it is much more satisfying to get to know people, to build relationships and, even in it's just in a small way, to help people build their own online success.

We all have bills that have to be paid on a regular basis. It is much easier to manage our finances when we know that we have income coming in month after month after month, than it is when we have to rely on the next big launch. This is even more true in today's economic climate when people are looking to save money!

By the way, I'm not just talking about the people who launch their own products. I'm also talking about affiliate marketers who depend on the big paycheques that these launches can bring in.

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November 14, 2008

Chris Smith @ 8:27 am

Hi John,

You're definitely right. Here's something else I've noticed too.

Per dollar earned, one night stands require much more of your time than long term projects which eventually need only minor maintenance.

But one night stands can be good if the profits are reinvested into long term projects. I think this is how many people (including myself) get started in the marketing business.


Jack @ 5:53 pm

It takes a lot to have one of these things too. If they do it all out, there is weeks and months of prep and expense to schmooze your JVs, get the product ready, and pay staff to implement the content, emails, and sales process.

I've heard big launchers say they long for something in between and that "this can't last forever."

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