August 11, 2008

The Forgotten Script..

 This is embarrassing, way back in 2006 Joel Holzman coded a script for me that was never released. Joel and I were chatting on Skype the other day and we got to talking about a couple of past projects when he reminded me about the original project.

The script - "Clickbank Affiliate Reward" allows clickbank merchants to enter their clickbank product info (Title, item #, etc) and assign one or more bonuses/rewards for each of their products. This way, when your clickbank affiliates make sales for you, they are instantly given rewards for their efforts. It's painfully easy to install, a dream to use and will encourage your affiliates to work harder at promoting the products that you promote through Clickbank.

In fact, it's so good we decided to ressurect it and I plan to offer only 20 worldwide copies with non transferrrable Private Label Rights. PLR allows you to edit the salescopy and to sell the script under your own name or brand.

The cost for PLR will be $197

If PLR is a little too rich for you, I will also offer a limited number of Resale Rights Licenses (You are NOT permitted to modify the script but you can add your name to the salesletter) Non transferrable Resale Rights are only $97 and I will only be selling 20 in total.

Once the Licenses are sold that's it.

Check out the salescopy and see for yourself what a powerful script this is and how it can benefit everyone who sells through Clickbank.

Then, when you see why it will add much more money to your bottom line profits from increased affiliate sales and how much cash you'll make as a reseller, skip over here and grab your choice of resale right license before they get snapped up:

Private Label Rights:

Resale Rights:



1. Can the script be sold at any price? Yes, but to protect all resellers interests I suggest you don't sell below $19.97

2. Can it be added to free / paid memberships? Paid only

3. Can it be offered as a bonus to a paid product? Yes, as long as the main product is sold for more than $19.97

4. Can it be given away for free? No!

5. Can affiliates be offered 100% comm. via the Rapid Action Profits script? Yes, subject to price being $19.97 or higher.


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