March 10, 2009

This Investment Is NOT For The Lazy!

If you are at all lazy, then this isn't for you. (But, there's a lazy person's option later in this post)

However, if you don't mind a little bit of hard work and you're willing to go further than the average online entrepreneur, then this will be a great investment.

When Jeremy Burns launches one of his "Source Code Goldmine" (SCGM) packages, I'm usually one of the first to jump on board. I made a profit of $12,441 from the last one!

I paid $197 for the SCGM package and I invested a further $650 in graphic design fees, $3,800 for programming and $1,950 for ghostwriting and editing.

The vast majority of people who invest in SCGM will simply sell the products as they are, they may offer Resale Rights or Master Rights. And, while that's a perfectly acceptable strategy, it isn't likely to generate anywhere near as much revenue as is possible if you treat sourcecode as sourcecode and use it as the basis for your own products.

When you invest in developing your own products, you aquire complete control and you effectively eliminate competition from all the other people who are selling the products "out of the box".

So, if you are happy with the lazy approach, I'm sure you could easily recoup your investment and make a reasonable amount of profit. However, if you're willing to invest in using the SCGM products as a platform from which to build your own products, then you'll clean up. Especially if you tailor your products to specific niche markets. How about "Search Engine Secrets For Musicians" - doesn't every aspiring musician want to see their music site on page one of Google? ;-)

Whichever route you're planning, I'd recommend that you grab a $97 discount with the code "FASTACTION97OFF" when you complete the Source Code Goldmine order form.

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