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  • 20 Basic SEO Tips

    1. 1. Monitor the CTR of the main advanced phrases and compare it with the average value in the results. This indicator is one of the most significant in the promotion of any site.
    2. 2. Be sure to transfer a project to a secure HTTPS protocol, according to the data for the third quarter of 2018, the share of sites in the TOP-10 on HTTPS exceeds 42%.
    3. 3. At the moment, the share of mobile traffic on sites exceeds 50%. Thus it is important to have the very best mobile optimization of the content.
    4. 4. Use microdata such as to designate the address of an organization, products and their cost, recipes and other data groups.
    5. 5. In the process of creating several projects at once that can be recognized as affiliated in the Yandex and Google search engines, check if the data from the sites overlap to minimize the likelihood of them fighting for the same traffic.
    6. 6. Use the responsiveness of Google to quickly react to negative events in the technical and internal optimization of your site.
    7. 8. Control important parameters of the promoted pages of your site: HTTP status code (it should be 200), server response time, server IP address, encoding and page size in kilobytes. These parameters significantly affect the indexing.
    8. 9. Use the binding of search queries that were used to jump to a given URL to optimize it in detail, maximize the traffic attracted and understand the interests of the audience.
    9. 10. Check whether a site is indexed by the https version or not. In late February and early March 2015, Google began to actively index the site versions with https and even give it preference.
    10. 11. Use the parameters of the address bar "& nomisspell = 1 & noreask = 1" to undo the correction of typos and force the reformulation of the search query.
    11. 12. When promoting a site, it is important to control that the content of the site is unique, both in relation to third-party sites, and within the same domain (host) and subdomains on it.
    12. 13. There are lots of free services to be found online that allow everyone to check a text for plagiarism. You must use at least two of them.
    13. 14. Control the speed of the full page load, server response time and the size of the source code of documents in KB. These indicators directly affect its popularity.
    14. 15. In some cases, it is useful, it turns out, to close a number of pages of the site from indexing using the meta-tag robots, while allowing the robot to follow the links from the page.
    15. 16. It is useful to be able to separate sites with a value of TIC = 0 from sites under the AGS filter, in which the cancellation of TCI occurred artificially for whatever reason is.
    16. 17. Analyze the visibility of the site for all relates searches, not only promoted ones, as well as do some research on your competitors. Find phrases because of which a site is already in the TOP 10 and TOP 20.
    17. 18. The age of the site and pages promoted significantly affects the effectiveness of search engine promotion.
    18. 19. It is known that the regular addition of thematic content to a site contributes to its promotion and indexing.
    19. 20. On a commercial site is required of you to specify detailed contact information. Moreover, this data must meet a number of criteria. Otherwise, it has a strong negative impact on the progress of promotion.

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