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  • 4 SEO Tips On How to Optimize Your Blog

    1. Optimize loading time ... before it's too late

    No one usually thinks about this factor as being all that important, especially because most writers and bloggers are not that good at programming. You should always optimize the loading time of your blog and make the design ideal for both computers and mobiles. Amazon has published statistics that for every 100 milliseconds of acceleration during loading, there is a 1% increase in profits. And this is not a joke! And by the way, this is not so hard to accomplish!

    Nowadays, an incredible number of WordPress plug-ins and outsourcing services can help you in this! For example, Google PageSpeed. As a bonus, it would be nice to figure out where most of your visitors come from, so that you could then choose the right location for your hosting/servers. Google Analytics or any other analytics service that works with demographic information will help you. Believe me, the world is changing, and we need to pay more attention to the mobile market, because almost 80% of online users use smartphones daily. Already half of all traffic on the Internet falls on mobile phones! Thus, there is this conclusion - either it is necessary to optimize for mobile devices, or it is not worth doing this business at all.

    And the most interesting thing is that the adaptation of content will not cost you a penny. Now you can find a large selection of online resources that will definitely help you customize your site and create pages for mobile users. Again: you can use plugins available on WordPress. They are great for such work and allow you to optimize and update your site.

    2. Be unique

    When creating content, always bring something useful, new to readers. This will give you an edge over competitors. Try to write unique texts, not “technically unique”, but those that have something new in them. After all, visitors are interested to see your opinion and experience, your opinion on a topic, and not just empty words. Use the well-known skyscraper technique. If something has already been written and posted on your topic, then make it even better.

    How to do it? Try to make a text longer by adding more details and proven facts, you can also add your opinion and personal experience.

    3. Multimedia makes huge strides forward, keep up

    Images speak better than a thousand words! There are enough free images, so you should not have any excuses not to use them. In addition, illustrations, diagrams and infographics are a hundred times better looking than a long and boring description in a thousand words! The same principle works with multimedia - video, animated pictures, gifs, interactive questionnaires and polls. You always have plenty to choose from.

    4. User experience matters

    Keyword search is very important, but, nevertheless, the algorithms of modern search engines increasingly value user experience. This means that Google pays more attention to the length of time users stay on your blog and the number of pages viewed, than to the very optimization of a site. Again, this does not mean that SEO is completely useless, as this optimization can increase your Google ranking. Just the process itself is much more natural and easier today.