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    According to a study, this difference can be summed up in the integration of social networks in SEO strategies and tactics. To reach this conclusion, we analyzed some 600 companies and marketing professionals around the world during the past month. The experts surveyed these companies asking them to rate their company’s own SEO success.

    Once the test was done, we compared the 15% of respondents who answered that their SEO strategy was “very successful” and the 18% of respondents who explained that their strategy was “not at all successful”. The Best SEO Company in Phoenix brings you the solutions now.

    The difference is in the integration of social media

    Comparative analysis done by ushas shown that the main difference between “very successful” and “not at all successful” SEO strategies has been assimilated to the integration of social networks in this strategy.

    Let’s look at the graph below to confirm these statements:

    The importance of social media in an SEO strategy

    In this chart, we see that 38% of people who have been very successful in their SEO strategy strongly integrate social media (SMO) while only 2% of respondents using social media in their SEO strategy have not really succeeded.Also, the graph shows that conversely 50% of people who do not succeed their SEO strategy do not integrate social networks in their SEO policy and that only 5% of respondents believe to have good results in SEO without integrating social media.Obviously, this study was conducted with a small sample of companies but the results already give a good indication of the growing importance of social media integration in an SEO policy.

    In addition to these results, another table from this study shows that many companies still do not use social media sufficiently. In fact, 24% of respondents say they still do not use social media in their SEO tactics.

    Here is the graph:

    The importance of social media in an SEO strategy

    SEO tactics that work

    Also in this study, researchers questioned companies about the different SEO tactics that worked for their SEO.

    The importance of social media in an SEO strategy

    We see that respondents believe that it is the creation of original content that is the best SEO tactic (48%) in front of the content updates of websites (47%). Far behind, we find the link building (19%) or blog creation (23%). You need to be careful about these matters. Otherwise you will be able to have the finest steps right here. This is perhaps the chance that you will get from every respect to come up with the proper SEO work now and that too within the budget that you have.