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    Some tips on building good backlinks

    A website without inbound links (backlinks) is essentially dead when it comes to organic search engine traffic. Inbound links not only direct traffic to your website but also contribute vital link juice to improve your website’s ranking in search engine result pages per Google’s ranking algorithm under PageRank. Due to the undeniable and important benefits of backlinks, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialists strive to create as many high quality backlinks as they can when delivering their seo services in order to enable their clients’ websites to rank highly in the SERPs. Link building efforts vary depending on the tactics employed. Some websites accumulate links slowly through unintentional linkage by external sites or may be obtained through employing an aggressive link building efforts.

    Unintentional link building takes long and is boosted by posting of useful and relevant content. By posting relevant and interesting content other websites and blogs in your niche may link to your website in a bid to avail additional information for their users. This is a gradual process that requires patience as well as hard work to produce fresh content on a constant basis. The posting of fresh and relevant content is also important to ensure your site is constantly crawled by search engine robots and indexed. This raises your website’s ranking in the SERPs.

    Intentional link building efforts involve searching for available sites that are relevant to your website’s niche and posting links. These links must be dofollow links to ensure they contribute link juice. Link building efforts mainly focus on submitting content to content submission websites and online directories. When creating a link building strategy ensure you take into consideration the PR of the websites you link to. This will provide you with a great chance of creating links that contribute maximum link juice for better results in boosting your site’s PR.

    Intentional link building efforts may make use of both honest tactics or manipulative tactics in achieving the desired end result.