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    Do WordPress Website Designers Know SEO

    Do-WordPress-Website-Designers-Know-SEOEveryday we have this eternal battle between clients who have been told by other WordPress website design companies that SEO is included with their one off payment… no it isn’t! We receive a whopping 3-6 phone calls per day with clients telling us “we don’t need SEO thanks, our website designer has done it”. So today were going to get to the bottom of what SEO actually is and what website designers think it is, once and for all!

    WordPress Website Designers Version of SEO

    Now, its an ongoing battle between Internet marketing companies and website design companies that started since the dawn of time. Well, for a good 10 years at least anyway! It doesn’t matter how good the designer is, they do not fully understand what is required to generate real traffic day in day out for a client. Don’t get me wrong, they can produce stunning websites that look absolutely fantastic, but in all honesty, building a website is the easy part. The work required to get the site performing and ranking high on the search engines is a whole new kettle of fish.

    Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about every single WordPress website designer, there are a good amount of designers that have extensive knowledge of both designing websites and SEO with SixtyMarketing being one of them from our experience and the reviews we found on Google. A very high percentage of them believe the following is all thatsrequired to get ranked on Google (very very frustrating!).

    You are probably aware that within WordPress there are literally thousands and thousands of plugins available to add to your site, and a large percentage of them are for SEO. Probably the most popular one being Yoast. With Yoast you have a traffic light system, red means the page isn’t optimised for your keywords, yellow means some errors and green means its fully optimised… according to Yoast. Now all this plugin does is check if your keywords are included in your mete title and meta description. This is not optimising your website!

    What Real SEO Involves

    What real SEO companies do is a hell of a lot more than just installing a plugin that has green lights on it! To start with they will fully research your industries keywords and look for new opportunities that your competition is missing out on. This involves finding 100’s of long tail keywords that will generate small amounts of monthly traffic per key phrase.

    From this they will then apply these keywords to all your web pages. Now, not just to your meta title and meta description like the above mentioned designers, but also to your images and content. 95% of the time they will also improve on all content throughout your site to add a bit of weight behind your keywords.

    Moving swiftly on to improving the performance and load speed of your website to ensure it loads quickly and efficiently on all devices. A lot of settings will need to be adjusted to ensure this is running properly for tick all the boxes with <ahref=”” target=”_blank”>Google’s PageSpeed. There are a quite a few other onsite SEO elements that need to be performed, but thats for another post!

    Now all the onsite SEO is completed, its time to work on the offsite marketing. Starting by creating as many high quality local citations, building links though blogger outreach, social media marketing, interacting and giving expert advice within forums and a hundred other online marketing techniques. Again, for a another post! Oh yeah, iforgot to mention… this needs to be done constantly! Day after day, week after week, month after month and so on.

    Writing excellent blog posts for the clients WordPress website on a regular basis is also required to expand the site for internal linking (along with other reasons). All these blog posts need to be promoted to various website to gain exposure and then revisited a couple of months down the line and promoted again, again and again.

    Do WordPress Website Designers Know SEO?

    As you can clearly see, installing a plugin does NOT mean your website is fully optimised! The worrying thing is, i have only touched on a few areas that is involved with SEO and Internet marketing. As you can see there is a lot! So the answer to your question.. Do WordPress Website Designers Know SEO? NO THEY DO NOT! This is not just a rant, this is actually from daily experience on what these designers are telling people about their site being ‘fully’ optimised. Beware!