Build A List And Monetise The Back End

I got a great response from someone yesterday’s email about Terry Telford’s retirement package. This guy is a subscriber, he’s been on my list for around three months and decided to tell me in no uncertain terms why he wouldn’t be investing…

As you may have noticed, my Skype ID is plain for all to see in the signature of every email I send out. I welcome feedback.

So, out of the blue I get a Skype call from.. let’s call him “Bert”.

Bert’s opinion is that it’ll be impossible for him to make anything from Terry’s farewell package because he doesn’t have a list.

So, when I’d stopped laughing, I asked him if he’d considered that the package contains everything he would need to build a list and to make some cash on the back end.

Here’s what I suggested Bert should do..

1. Select a suitable set of autoresponder messages from Terry’s package, edit them to stamp them with your own personality and “branding” and load them up to your autoresponder service.

2. Set up a squeeze page and use one of the high quality reports as an “ethical bribe” to encourage people to sign up to your newsletter.

3. Select another high value product and position it as a One-Time-Offer that is shown to everyone who confirms their subscription.

Now you could stop there. However…

4. Set up a membership site with some more of the premium quality content and position that offer after the One Time Offer.

Can you see how that system could keep on generating a nice income for months and years to come?

But Bert wasn’t happy yet…

“What about traffic?” says he.

5. Select yet more content, create some free reports, embed links to your squeeze page and post those reports to free ebook sites. Convert some more content into articles, put a link to your squeeze page in the resource box and submit those articles to all the top article directories.

6. make sure that your membership site has a good affiliate scheme and provide your affiliates with lost of tools and resources to encourage them to promote your site.

Bert didn’t hang about, he took advantage of Terry’s split payment option and he’s already organising a domain name and setting up his squeeze page while he waits for all those DVD’s to arrive.

Terry’s package contains so much stuff and so many different options that it will be easy for you to put together a unique offer with just a little bit of planning and creativity.