Have These Internet Marketers No Shame?

Over the past day or two I’ve received several emails from so called Internet Marketers promoting a product called PayPal Buddy. It’s a 27 page short report that puports to offer advice on how to prevent getting your PayPal account limited, suspended or terminated.

The crux of the advice is to pay attention to PayPal’s Acceptable Use Policy to ensure your products and/or services are in compliance.

This is followed by some “insights” into what may be “unusual activity” such as high transaction values, withrawing funds immediately after transactions and dealing with customers from high risk counties. It continues by talking about a couple of other pitfalls that the vendor should watch out for, all of it very basic common sense.

It then goes on to describe, in very basic terms, how to contact PayPal should you fall foul of their terms. And then advises that you should ensure you have accounts with alternative providers as a back up should your PayPal account be jeapordized.

In my opinion it’s… well in the interests of decency, I won’t use the type of language I could. Let’s just say it’s ill researched and potentially misleading.

Could it be that the people promoting this product care far more about what’s in their own PayPal accounts than they care about their subscribers, customers and followers?