Can You Really Stand The Truth?

I’m becoming increasingly more skeptical about the Internet Marketing industry.


It’s because of a very simple paradox.

With more and more poorly thought out, inferior quality products coming onto the market place it’s becoming harder to find products that I’m willing to promote to my customers, subscribers, friends and followers. (I’m using friends and followers in the context of social networking here… just so we’re clear about my meaning.)

So, I’m sure you can figure this out…

If there are fewer really great products to promote there are fewer opportunities to earn affiliate commissions. So, it stands to reason that only two things will happen… Either your affiliate earnings will decrease or you’ll have to be willing to promote products of a lower quality.

The right answer is to accept a lower income level and maintain your high standards of product acceptance. One of my acceptance criteria is “Would I recommend this to a real friend” – now you know why I mention the distinction on the meaning of “friend”.

But, many marketers have fallen into the income trap. They’ve taken on financial commitments that must be met. They can’t afford to take a cut in earnings.

In the short term these marketers will be OK, BUT it won’t take long for their people to vote with their credit cards. They’ll soon get fed up with people who recommend crap.

I believe the Internet Marketing niche is reaching a critically important crossroads.

Many marketers will simply disappear from the landscape. Only those people with the integrity to maintain high quality standards will enjoy long term success.

Which camp do you fall into? Have you got the courage to take a hit on behalf of your customers, subscribers, friends and followers?