Women’s Sexual health issues

In the past women were known to be shy when it comes to issues to do with their sex life. over the year thig have taken a turn and now most women can talk about their concerns with their partners. Just like their male counterparts women also have needs when it comes to sex and those need to b addressed.

Most of the women complain of not being given enough time by their partners seeing that most men now go to work and the increase in the desire to gamble has grown in then.  Soon as they are done with work most of them become fixed on their online casino games and do not pay attention to the sexual problems that their partners are facing.


This is one of the challenges that women often complain about. Research has shown that most women say yes to being intimate with their partners but there is something that is lacking.

Emotional intimacy is what is lacking in most of their relationships. To enjoy the sex women has pointed out that they want to feel more connected to their partners that way they will be satisfied during the act.


No one can guess what someone is thinking or wants. In a sexual relationship with your partner, you need to keep an open line of communication. Hen you talk to your partner about what you like and your needs as a woman you will see that you will be able to enjoy sex more and it will be a mutual experience.

Low sex drive

This is an issue that is experienced by older women especially those that are at the stage of menopause or might have passed it already.

However, this does not mean that they do not need to engage in sexual activities but just that they need to figure out ways they can be aroused together with their partners. another important issue is that most women of this age experience pain during sex that may be a result of the low level of oestrogen.


Most men have left their wives. After all, they feel they can not enjoy sex with them because they do not reach orgasm. This is a problem that needs to addressed as before any man leave his wife he needs to know the reasons why. in most cases, most women won’t be aroused at all which will result in them failing to orgasm.

In conclusion, women seem to be the ones suffering a lot when it comes to sexual health issues. Men should also consider that women undergo a lot of things in their lives talk as childbirth and menopause which play a huge role when it comes to their sexual lifestyle.